This is me

Hey there, my name is Bijal and I intend to ‘Stuf’ you with my unapologetically yum home cooking.

I’ve travelled, eaten and spent time in a lot of places all over; Stuf’d is the culmination of the tasting moments from my life that have thrilled me, cheered and comforted me, and made for everlasting food memories.

Food has been an integral part of my growing up years; growing up in a widely spread Gujju/Jain family that lived and breathed “khana kabhi kam nahin hona chahiye” (“may we never run out of food”), ample portions that were big on flavours, ingredients, all things rich were what made for memories that involve food and life at home.

This followed me well into boarding school and working adult life, a lot of which were spent in the North. The highway dhabas, legendary eateries, home kitchens of friends’ and family were all about sizzle, smoke, spice, beautiful flavours and overall warm generosity. You may catch a glimpse of these in my cooking, specifically the Butter Chicken and Paneer Makhani, the first offerings from my big-on-everything food philosophy.

The recipes I’ve finalized over countless iterations in our cozy Pune kitchen are labours of passionate food love and nostalgia; traditional and old school in a way, fun and full of surprise in others. They’re simple, honest reminders of the home cooking we’ve grown up around—delicious, hearty, nourishing.

Why ‘Stuf’d’? Because I love to feed, and the ample portions are chock-full of wholesome, satisfying, comforting ingredients. Want to find out for yourself? Order for a home delivery and sit back, I’ve got this.

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