My Food Philosophy

Unapologetic indulgence is what I truly live by

Unapologetic indulgence is what I truly live by – no skimping on quality of ingredients, flavours or portions. This is not diet food – this is for the times you want to indulge, celebrate, delight your senses, or find comfort in.

Good food starts with good ingredients, which is why our ingredients are fussily handpicked; if it’s not great, it’s not going to find a place in my cooking. This goes for everything from the vegetables and meats to the nuts, spices, dairy, oils etc; everything has to be fresh and the best.

Patience and precision are key to the cooking here. The layers of flavour are meticulously built up over precisely planned steps – so there could be brining, marinating, grilling, smoking, slow-cooking etc. depending on the dish and the recipe. This may be a home kitchen, but the cooking is anything but homestyle. Our food is made with the finesse of a professional restaurant, and the personal attention and small batch sizes of a home kitchen.

Each recipe that makes it to the menu has been perfected over many trials, based on feedback from a jury of discerning friends and family. The ultimate recipes are an amalgamation of techniques and tips and tricks from the best ones out there.

What our food won’t have ever!

  • Artificial flavours or colours
  • Preservatives
  • Margarine or hydrogenated fat (Dalda)
  • Artificial thickeners
  • Palm oil

This is wholesome home cooking, made from scratch, no shortcuts.

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